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Lake Berzdorf

South of Görlitz, a new tourism and leisure area is currently under development: Lake Berzdorf. Water from the Neisse River is being diverted to this former open-pit mine and in only a few years it will be one of the largest bodies of water in Saxony - an Eldorado for those seeking recreation and those who love water sports.

Lake Berzdorf

Lake Berzdorf – new holiday destination with 960 ha of water

The vision is to turn a former industrial site into a new holiday and recreation landscape with support from the funds of the programme for the Restructuring of East German Open-pit Mines. Combined with the attraction of the historic city centre of Görlitz and the nearby ex-cursion destinations at the spot where the borders of Poland, the Czech Republic and Germany meet, there is broad tourist development potential.

Large-scale beach areas and special sites for accommodation, restaurants and water sports as well as for sport and leisure facilities will form an attractive basis for tourist development.


Key development areas:

  • Water Sports Center Tauchritz development area
  • Deutsch-Ossig development area
  • Campground development area
  • Golf Course development area


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