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Jewish Traces

The Synagogue and other Places

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Film Location Görlitz

Winner of the European Film Location Award of the Decade

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Booking and accommodation

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Görlitz - Travel the Undiscovered

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Wonderful events

Throughout the Year

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Booking & accommodation


Overview of events in Görlitz and surroundings

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Tourist Information

Information, accommodation service, souvenirs, ticket sales

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Hotels, guesthouses, apartments, private rooms,
Camping and caravan pitches

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Historic City

The architectural wealth is probably the most valuable treasure of the European City of Görlitz/Zgorzelec. In Görlitz alone, you can discover nearly 4,000 architectural monuments from 500 years of European building history.

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See & Experience

Culture & History

Görlitz looks back to an exciting history characterising the city’s life even today. Welcome to Görlitz, where history is culture, and where culture tells numerous stories.

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film locations, tours, filmography and more

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Culinary Görlitz

Food in Görlitz,
delicacies from Görlitz

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Sacred Görlitz

Holy grave, churches, cemeteries, pilgrimage sites and paths

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Outdoor Activities

Lake "Berzdorfer See," paddling on the river "Neiße", cycle and hiking paths

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For Families

Excursion destinations for families in Görlitz and surroundings

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Lake "Berzdorf See", fountains, parks in Görlitz

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In Germany, nowhere does the sun rise earlier than in Görlitz, the republic's easternmost city. But the early start is not the only reason why you should explore Görlitz's more immediate surroundings.

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