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Strong Economic Structure in the Balancing Act Between Tradition and the Future

The main focus of the range of industries in Görlitz are mechanical and plant engineering, rail/vehicle construction, IT services, medical technology and tourism. Large companies such as Siemens Energy, Alstom (formerly Bombardier Transportation) or Birkenstock produce under very good conditions in Görlitz and therefore open up opportunities for potential local suppliers. The local companies receive new momentum from the establishment of scientific institutions and the developments in the context of structural change in Lusatia. In the areas of retail, services and gastronomy, Görlitz has a wide range of high-quality offers.

Agile economic development and a forward-looking economic policy with ambitious goals, such as being a climate-neutral city in 2030, specifically support local companies and involved parties.

Heavy Metal - Görlitz Mechanical and Plant Engineering

German mechanical and plant engineering is considered to be the leading export and innovation industry. These long-term roots are broadly anchored in Görlitz as well. The very strong medium-sized mechanical and plant engineering industry produces complex products for the entire economy and recycles technologically sophisticated preliminary products. It reflects the entire spectrum of industrial capabilities and is a key innovation driver in the areas of Industry 4.0, resource-saving environmental protection and energy efficiency, among other things. Mechanical engineering is one of the most innovative industrial sectors.

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Rail and Vehicle Construction, Aviation Technology

The climate protection policy ambitions of the Federal Government and the European Union will strengthen rail vehicle traffic across Europe tremendously in the future and give it a high priority in the creation of innovative mobility offers/the so-called mobility turnaround. In this context, the city of Görlitz is involved in communal future projects and therefore sees the rail vehicle sector as an extremely important component for our strength as a business location in this overall context.

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Medical Technology

Healthcare today can’t do without high-tech equipment and state-of-the-art systems. Some of these international companies produce their innovations in Görlitz and are world leaders in their respective fields – from diagnostic equipment to clean room systems for medical and pharmaceutical industries to dental implants.

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IT Sector

The IT industry in Görlitz has grown rapidly in recent years and benefits above al from its proximity to the Zittau/Görlitz University of Applied Sciences. The continuous growth of established companies such as CIDEON Software GmbH or niio AG, spin-off companies from the university such as Quanteo GmbH and successful new settlements testify to the dynamism of the branch here.

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Retail Sector

Shopping in this European city is an elegant and varied experience. The shopping ambience of the city center thrives on the multitude of shops in splendid architectural buildings. Generously laid out squares lined with small shops and restaurants invite you to while away the time. And it’s a big hit: with approximately 87,000 inhabitants of the European city and 370,000 people in the catchment area of the region.

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With a gross turnover of 101.7 million euros per year and continuous growth rates, tourism is an integral part of the Görlitz economic structure. Several long-term projects, such as the development of Lake Berzdorf, the renovation of the Cultural Forum Synagogue and the planned application for a UNESCO World Heritage Site set the tone for further development.

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Creative Industries

A creative environment is the basis for tomorrow’s society. With increasing automation in production processes, our business location needs more knowledge and creativity in the development and sale of services and products. Due to its lively, cultural and inspiring environment, the city of Görlitz is attractive for the settlement of creative companies.

Photos: Schienen- & Fahrzeugbau: Bombardier Transportation, Maschinen- und Anlagenbau: Siemens, Medizintechnik und Gesundheitswirtschaft: Hochschule Zittau/Görlitz, IT Dienstleistungen: cideon software, Kommunikations-Service: teleperformance, Einzelhandel: R. Weisflog, Tourismus: Alexander Römisch, Kreativwirtschaft: Die Partner GmbH

Photo: R. Blades
Photo: R. Blades


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