Economy Görlitz

Industry focuses

Industry focuses

Industry, the service sector, crafts, and commerce - entrepreneurs feel right at home in Görlitz. Low costs, maximum subsidies, qualified employees, ideal labour costs and working conditions, open access to markets in any direction and the legal protection offered by the German state all provide the perfect foundation for successful investors. The large number of companies maintaining very good relationships with local customers and suppliers also form a sustainable network.

Vehicle Construction

Vehicle Construction - Home on the Rails

As a traditional location for rail vehicle construction, Görlitz is the birthplace of many future-oriented, innovative rail technologies which have gained international significance. With Bombardier Transportation's arrival means that, a global player has set up shop in the city which, manufactures manufacturing one of the corporate division's most successful products, : the double double-decker rail car.

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Machine and Plant Construction

Heavy Metal - Machine and Plant Construction in Görlitz

Almost a quarter of all employees in the city on the Neisse River work in industrial production. In addition to Siemens Energy, the global market leader in industrial steam turbine construc-tion, many small and mid-sized enterprises are located here as well.

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Medical Engineering

Med in Görlitz

– health-care management industry

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IT Services

IT-services: shaping the future

In Görlitz and the surrounding Oberlausitz you will find nearly 450 IT businesses.

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Communication Services

CRM companies and contact centres with a wide variety of services will find superb conditions in Görlitz.

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Retailing without borders

in the Europastadt Görlitz/Zgorzelec, you can experience shopping in Art Nouveau atmosphere.

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Tourism: Continuous increase

Overnight stays, in particular, have seen continuous growth. This is mostly thanks to tourists in-terested in culture, as Görlitz offers an exceptional architectural cityscape and many cultural events. Görlitz is also the ideal starting point for tours to the surrounding regions of Upper Lusatia, Poland and the Czech Republic as well as to cities such as Dresden or Wroclaw.

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Photos: Schienen- & Fahrzeugbau: Bombardier Transportation, Maschinen- und Anlagenbau: Siemens, Medizintechnik und Gesundheitswirtschaft: Hochschule Zittau/Görlitz, IT Dienstleistungen: cideon software, Kommunikations-Service: teleperformance, Einzelhandel: R. Weisflog, Tourismus: Alexander Römisch, Kreativwirtschaft: Die Partner GmbH

Photo: R. Blades
Photo: R. Blades


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