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Life and Work

Görlitz is a very special place to live and work.

The architectural diversity of the city and the special charm of the building structure are reflected in particular in the attractive apartments in the old and inner city, as well as in the areas on the outskirts. Large squares, parks and green spaces also create numerous green oases and quiet zones for a pleasant living environment. A very well-developed service industry, state-of-the-art health facilities and an infrastructure designed for short distances are designed to make everyday life as comfortable and relaxed as possible. With a wide range of childcare facilities and schools, the city also offers sufficient childcare and educational opportunities in order to promote young, working parents.

The charm of the German-Polish twin city has enchanted many. Here, Europe becomes a part of every day life. With just a walk across the Neisse river, regardless of whether it’s for investments, work, culture or shopping, the national borders hardly play a role anymore. The ideals of Europe are a reality here.

The city on the Neisse can compete with the best when it comes to recreational value. In addition to the numerous restaurants and pubs, Görlitz has a multitude of cultural offerings with theaters, museums, concerts, festivals and events all year round. Many open-air events are on the program in the summer. The most popular are the open-air summer theater, the international street theater festival “Via Thea” and the Altstadtfest (old town festival), which is celebrated together in Görlitz and Zgorzelec.

The surrounding area has something special for nature lovers and those who are active in sports. Cycling, hiking, skiing, swimming, surfing, climbing – everything is possible. The almost 1000 square meter large Berzdorf Lake is located directly at the gates of the city of Görlitz. The nearby Zittau, Jizera and Giant Mountains not only welcome with their picturesque landscapes and dreamy views, but also offer a variety of activities in summer and winter. Numerous other excursion destinations such as the Muskau Park in Bad Muskau (UNESCO World Heritage Site), the Polish Jelenia Góra Valley with its castles, the nearby metropolises of Wroclaw, Liberec, Prague and Dresden make life in Görlitz anything but boring – and all within a radius of only 150 km!


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