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Commercial Space

Commercial Space

Görlitz has very well-developed commercial space. Generous developed areas with a good traffic infrastructure are available to investors and commercial developers at exceptionally low prices from 10,000 euros / square meter for manufacturing companies.

Görlitz also offers numerous attractive commercial properties in a central location. The business development team will be happy to research relevant properties for you. Please tell us the required size, purpose/use, available time and the requirements for the location.

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Hagenwerder Industrial and Commercial Area

Location: Free State of Saxony, District of Görlitz, City of Görlitz OT Hagenwerder

Classification: GE (Commercial site)

Size: approx. 2 ha commercial area available

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Business Park Schlauroth (project)

Location: in the tri-border area – Poland, the Czech Republic and Germany, the Free State of Saxony, the district of Görlitz, the city of Görlitz OT Schlauroth

Project: Development of an industrial area (development plan no. 42: “Former railway site Schlauroth”)

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Ebersbach Industrial Park

Location: Free State of Saxony, City of Görlitz, north of Görlitz on the B115

Classification: industrial area, private

Free area: approx. 6 ha industrial area available

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Photo: SKAN Deutschland GmbH
Photo: SKAN Deutschland GmbH


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