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Culture & History

Görlitz looks back to an exciting history characterising the city’s life even today. Welcome to Görlitz, where history is culture, and where culture tells numerous stories.

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Historic City

The architectural wealth is probably the most valuable treasure of the European City of Görlitz/Zgorzelec. In Görlitz alone, you can discover nearly 4,000 architectural monuments from 500 years of European building history. Most of them have been elaborately restored and they represent different periods of time – from Gothic to Renaissance and Baroque, from the Wilhelminian era to Art Nouveau.

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Sacred Görlitz

The city is characterized by numerous churches, the Jewish synagogue and other sacred buildings, such as the Holy Sepulchre, a copy of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. Impressive towers shape the cityscape, and the Church of St. Peter and Paul is considered to be the landmark of Görlitz.

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Jewish Traces in Görlitz

Numerous prominent buildings and sights remind us of the Jewish residents of Görlitz. This includes, of course, the newly renovated synagogue, but also the Jewish Cemetery and the striking residential buildings, such as the Villa Ephraim or commercial buildings such as the former Totschek department store on Steinstraße.

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Culinary Görlitz

Be it typical German, traditional Silesian, Bohemian or international cuisine – restaurant owners in Görlitz offer a wide range of delicious temptations to their guests. Eating out in the city on the Neisse River is not only a culinary expedition, but at the same time, it is an exciting journey into architectural history as well.

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Experience Zgorzelec

A detour to Zgorzelec should be part of the visit programme for all tourists to Görlitz. The smaller part of the city east of the Neisse River has belonged to Poland since 1945. The opportunity to stroll through two countries in one visit is not to be missed.

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The shopping promenade of the Inner City of Görlitz, mainly characterised by Wilhelminian architecture, stretches from Berliner Strasse via Post Square (Postplatz), St.Mary’s Square (Marienplatz) and Demiani Square (Demianiplatz) further to the Upper Market (Obermarkt) and the Lower Market (Untermarkt) in the historic Old Town. You can find clothes, jewellery, technical equipment, antiquities and much more - get inspired!

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Subculture in Görlitz

Surprising, easygoing, creative

There are numerous places and offers off the beaten track using the city´s open spaces in an innovative way and creating a fresh lifestyle. Come and discover!

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Görlitz for Families

There are numerous attractive destinations for families in and around Görlitz. Come and discover fascinating leisure parks or the lovely zoo, waiting for you to enjoy a great and eventful day.

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Outdoor Activities

Sports enthusiasts can enjoy lots of opportunities in and around Görlitz. Berzdorf Lake (Berzdorfer See) just outside the city gates offers perfect conditions to water sports enthusiasts, skaters and hikers. Cyclists can go along the well-developed Oder-Neisse Cycle Track, while climbers will feel attracted by the Zittau Mountains (Zittauer Gebirge).

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Trips to discover the region

Go and explore the surroundings of Görlitz. Lovers of nature and culture as well as families will find lots of attractive destinations. Discover and enjoy!

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Discovering Görlitz

The writer Niva Josef has visited Görlitz and shares her impressions in her personal blog article.
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