Economy Görlitz

Görlitz Originals


The shoe brand Birkenstock’s largest production site in the world is in Görlitz

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The Görlitzer Schmiede

The romantic, historical and extremely environmentally friendly cobbler’s ball is still made in the Görlitz forge.

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Fuchs Moden

The designer Claudia Fuchs designs evening and bridal wear in Görlitz, which is manufactured in China and sold throughout Europe.

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Landskron Brau-Manufaktur

The delicious Landskron beer has been brewed for almost 150 years in Görlitz using traditional craft methods with open, hand-guided fermentation. The beer matures for forty days – longer than usual - in basement rooms 18 meters deep.

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Görlitzer Hanf- & Drahtseilerei

This traditional company processes all kinds of ropes, which attest to the strength of Görlitz products, even in the Arctic.

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Rudolf Hoinkis’special dragée factory is probably the best-known Görlitz product and also the sweetest. The sugar-coated tablets have been offered in baby bottles since 1908 and are especially popular with children.

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This outdoor specialist has been producing the coveted down sleeping bags in Görlitz since 2005 and is increasingly supplying Japan, South Korea and China, as well as the European market.

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Sysmex Partec

The global Japanese Sysmex group has specialized in the development, production and sale of the most modern laboratory solutions, and specializes in HIV/AIDS diagnostics, among other things.

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Nietenschlag & Eisenklang

Unique designer furniture and home accessories that last a lifetime and are created from high-quality materials.


This manufacturer of light alloy wheels from Sauerland started production in 2016 in its newest plant in Kodersdorf, 12 kilometers from Görlitz.

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