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In Görlitz

Nature Conservation Zoo

The Nature Conservation Zoo (Naturschutz-Tierpark Görlitz) is more than just an oasis in the city, it is also a very special kind of zoo. Some 500 animals are kept in this ”window into nature“, in near-natural, imaginatively and lovingly designed enclosures. Though only 5 hectares in size, the animal park has already won several awards and has been accepted into the World Zoo Association.

Nature Conservation Zoo

Senckenberg Museum of Natural History

The Senckenberg Museum für Naturkunde (Senckenberg Museum of Natural History) combines nearly 200 years of history of research and collections. Its exhibitions present the whole beauty and diversity of nature in Upper Lusatia. The virtual soil column, exhibitions on the tropical rain forest or the exhibition describing selected mechanisms of evolution fascinate its visitors.

Senckenberg Museum of Natural History

Görlitz toy museum

Spielzeugmuseum (Görlitz toy museum)
The exhibition shows toys from the Saxon Ore Mountains and a wide range of ancient and modern toys.

Görlitz toy museum

Up to 30 km away

Island of Culture

This green adventure and recreation park (Kulturinsel Einsiedel) is an ideal place for anyone who hungers for adventure. The area of approx 5 hectares offers an imaginative adventure landscape that is yours to discover, including a magic castle, a ”mountain of cheese“, secret subterranean passages and many other treasures.

Kulturinsel Einsiedel (”Island of Culture“)

Up to 50 km away

Dinosaur Park Kleinwelka

Experience Kleinwelka Dinosaur Park with more than one hundred life-size dinosaur sculptures.

Dinosaur Park

Photos: Zoo: Naturschutz-Tierpark/C. Hammer, Senckenberg: Pawel-Sosnowski

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