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Görlitz for families

Fun for Families

There are numerous attractive destinations for families in and around Görlitz. Come and discover fascinating leisure parks, great sport facilities or the lovely zoo, waiting for you to enjoy a spectacular and eventful day.

History and Stories behind old Walls

City tours are boring? Not at all! The Old Town of Görlitz is full of stories and myths, hidden animals or scary heads and faces along the walls. At the Whispering Arch, you can exchange confidences. After all, if you love discovering, Görlitz is the right place for you to go.

The Towers of Görlitz

Görlitz is a city of towers, and most of them used to be part of the city fortification in the past. Nowadays, visitors can climb five of them. It is a great experience to see the city from above. In St. Nicholas‘ Tower (Nikolaiturm) you can even learn about a watchman’s daily life.

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Berzdorf Lake (Berzdorfer See)

In the south of Görlitz just outside the city lies the Berzdorfer See, an impressive nature and recreation resort. The lake covers a 960-hectare water area with a depth of up to 72 meters. Coal used to be mined here, but today there is water, sand and plenty of nature to let off steam.

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Görlitz-Zgorzelec zoo – A nature reserve

Both kids and adults are delighted with the near-natural, lovingly designed walk-in enclosures on an area of just 5 hectares. Highlights of the Zoo are the Tibetan village, the discovery barn, the farm playground or the Lusatian farm.


Vintage Railway

For more than 40 years, the Vintage Railway has been doing its laps in the park next to the Landskron Brewery. After the tour, kids can have fun romping in the climbing park or sliding down the huge snail.


Indoor playground

The indoor playground promises exciting adventures all year long on trampolines, in the climbing area, on the mini kart track and more.



Görlitz has many beautiful and well-designed playgrounds for small and tall adventurers. When strolling through the Old Town for example, the playgrounds in the city park and along the river on Uferstrasse invite you to play.

The mountain Landeskrone

Being visible for miles around, this basalt cone is the landmark of the city. People say that there is even a treasure hidden there. Today, the nature reserve is a lovely place for walking – in the middle of the city.

Paddling on the Neisse River

You can be sure to experience a true adventure right in the nature when going on a boat tour on the Neisse River. Individual tours either along quiet routes or through the rapids – everything is possible on the border river.

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Senckenberg Museum of Natural History

The Senckenberg Museum für Naturkunde (Senckenberg Museum of Natural History) combines nearly 200 years of history of research and collections. Its exhibitions present the whole beauty and diversity of nature in Upper Lusatia. The virtual soil column, exhibitions on the tropical rain forest or the exhibition describing selected mechanisms of evolution fascinate its visitors.


Görlitz toy museum (Spielzeugmuseum)

The exhibition shows toys from the Saxon Ore Mountains and a wide range of ancient and modern toys.

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The secret world of Turisedia

Come and experience the imaginative adventure landscape that invites you to discover and to try things, and to wonder: there is a magic castle, a cheese mountain and more than 500 metres of secret underground passages.


Dinosaur Park Kleinwelka

Experience Kleinwelka Dinosaur Park with more than one hundred life-size dinosaur sculptures.


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