Görliwood - European Film Location

Walk of Goerliwood

Discover the Film City on a walk

Film enthusiats and fans are invited to discover the film city on the Walk of Görliwood. Thematically designed shop windows provide an attractive and exciting insight into the film city.

Following the different stops, visitors can get an impression of the diversity of the film city. Specific reference points at different venues display, for example, props from the German TV-thriller Wolfsland, or the filmset of the cinema film „Goethe“, or they refer to aspects of the film history of Görliwood, such as „The Grand Budapest Hotel“. All of the stops are illuminated and can be visited anytime.

Tours in Görliwood

Stops at Brauner Hirsch (Neißstraße)

The corner house "Brauner Hirsch" is one of the most popular film locations in the city. Many film crews have already been guests in the otherwise empty building for filming. The historic building shows its strengths especially in interior shots: old pharmacy ("The Sorcerer's Apprentice"), inn ("Young Karl Marx"), hotel ("The Captain"), scholars' room ("Measuring the World") - everything seems possible.

Stop 1: Welcome to the Film City Görlitz

Stop 2: The Grand Budapest Hotel

Stop 3: European Film Location of the Decade

Stop 4: Film Location Brauner Hirsch 

(c) Paul Glaser
Welcome to the Film City Görlitz!
(c) Paul Glaser
Wolfsland - Görlitz as Film Location
(c) Paul Glaser
Film Office Görlitz & Saxon Film Academy
(c) Paul Glaser
The Grand Budapest Hotel
(c) Paul Glaser
The Grand Budapest Hotel
(c) Paul Glaser
The Sorcerer's Apprentice & FABIAN: Going to the Dogs

Stops at Berliner Straße (Corner to Hospitalstraße)

Currently out of service!

Stop 5: 
Der Zauberlehrling / The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Stop 6: FABIAN: Going to the Dogs

Stop 7: Wolfsland

Stops at the department store (by the Church of Our Lady)

For almost 100 years, the Art Nouveau department stores, which opened in 1913, was the heart of Görlitz's retail trade. After it had already served as a backdrop for exterior shots for the films "Rosenemil", "The Reader" and "Käthe Kruse", what is probably Germany's most beautiful department stores' became a real star as Wes Anderson's "Grand Budapest Hotel".


Station 8:  House of Promises

Station 9: The department stores as a filming location

(c) Europastadt GmbH
Film showcase for the Görlitz department stores' filming location
(c) Europastadt GmbH
Two New Stations on the Walk of Görliwood®
(c) RTL X Filme Creative Pool, Stefan Erhard
In "House of Promises", the Görlitz department stores' is transformed into the Berlin department stores' Jonass
(c) RTL X Filme Creative Pool, Stefan Erhard
Filmset from "House of Promises"
(c) Europastadt GmbH
The station shows original props from the filming of "The House of Promises".
(c) Europastadt GmbH
View through the window: The wall shelf with the "haberdashery" attachment was stocked with corresponding material from the Görlitz Theatre's tailor shop.
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