Görliwood - European Film Location

Trips to Görliwood

Trips to Görliwood

Feel like a location scout or a film star. Walk through the streets of Görlitz looking for an appropriate backdrop. Get inspired by streets, mansions and lovely details on facades and feel enchanted by the individual charm of the European City. Our travel deals offer attractive service packages. You do not need to worry about the travel organisation, just focus on Görlitz wholeheartedly.

Travel Deal: In the Tracks of the Stars

Immerse yourself into the architectural diversity of Görlitz and follow the tracks of international film stars on an unforgettable visit to Görlitz.

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And… Action! A tour through Görlitz and its Backdrops

This tour guides you on the tracks of the film through the city of Görlitz with its backdrops. Due to its diverse architecture, the city has repeatedly served as a film setting for different national and international film productions. Seeing the original film locations, strolling through the backdrops and hearing anecdotes about the stay of the stars in Görlitz make this tour a thrilling experience. The two guides Ms Thiemann and Mr Hoffmann will take you into the world of film here in Görlitz.

Please note: This tour is offered in German language.

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A Walk through Görliwood

Discover the film locations of well-known films in Görliwood on your own. Get surprised, get to know different perspectives and follow in the tracks of the film stars.

A walk through Görliwood

A Visit to the Film Location „Görlitz Department Store“

Among film fans, the impressive Art Nouveau building is rather known as a hotel. It served as a splendid backdrop for star director Wes Anderson’s film „The Grand Budapest Hotel“. The golden ornaments added during the shooting to decorate the upper columns are still clearly visible.

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A Visit to the Film Location "Brauner Hirsch"

This prominent house at the Untermarkt was a backdrop for countless film productions made in Görlitz. Covering an area of about ca. 2,500 square metres, it has the dimensions of a castle, and it has countless stories to tell.

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