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Welcome to Görliwood!

Visitors to Görlitz can go on a expedition in the film city. That means mainly to stroll along the streets and discover backdrops. A guided tour to film locations called “Film ab!“ (“And... Action!”) gives a first orientation. But also away from the numerous and diverse backdrops, you can experience Görlitz as a film city in many different ways – at festivals, events and with special offers. Have fun and enjoy!

The Neisse Film Festival

One festival – three countries! The Neisse Film Festival takes place in the border triangle of Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic every year in May. Since 2004, the festival has offered a forum to young filmmakers from all the three countries. Furthermore, it introduces renowned films and directors to the respective neighbouring audience and dedicates to key topics.
Its genre-crossing and tri-national character with border-crossing events at about twenty different locations along the Neisse River, such as art house cinemas in Görlitz and Zgorzelec, is special and unique. On five festival days, more than 100 films are displayed in three competitions and in diverse film series. Exhibitions, readings, concerts and parties are held as well.

Altogether eight “Neisse Fish“ are awarded to the winners of the Neisse Film Festival, inter alia for the Best Motion Pictures, Documentaries, Short Clips and Favourites of the Audience, for the Best Acting Performance and the Special Award of the Saxon Film Association. Apart from this, the city of Görlitz awards the prize for the Best Production Design. Website

The Görlitz Meridian Nature Film Award

This is the only nature film award in Germany, which honours the complete works of a filmmaker. The sponsor group of the Görlitz Museum of Natural History has awarded the Meridian Nature Film Award since 2001. A professional jury composed of TV producers, nature filmmakers and authors selects the winners. Amongst others, Dirk Steffens, Ranga Yogeshwar, Jan und Melanie Haft, Heinz Sielmann and Volker Arzt belong to the list of winners. They receive their award at a festive ceremony held in the Humboldt-Hall of the Görlitz Senckenberg Museums of Natural History. In the run-up to the ceremony, they present and explain selected films documenting their life’s work and its development.


Film and Hospitality

Eating sausages like Bill Murray, drinking coffee like Yvonne Catterfeld, sleeping like Emma Thompson, shopping like Kate Winslet?
It is no problem here in Görlitz! Just like any other guests of the city, film crews and actors enjoy visiting the local restaurants and hotels.

Ask your hosts for their stories.

Escape Room with Themed Room about the Film City Görlitz

There have been puzzle adventures in Görlitz since September 2017. Groups of 2-6 players face the challenge to escape back to freedom within 60 minutes by answering the trickiest questions and by discovering hidden objects. One of the themed rooms is dedicated to the film city Görlitz. This offer is available only in German.

The Film City to Take Away

This is possible – thanks to the exclusive Görliwood collection provided for film and Görlitz fans. The Görlitz Information tourist centre offers mugs, breadboards, bags, T-Shirts in different colours and sizes and multifunctional bandanas for children.
Opening Hours

“Der Notenflüsterer“: Görliwood at the Gerhart-Hauptmann-Theater Görlitz

Directed by Frieder Venus, a scenic recital was made with »Görliwood« being the subject.
Sebastian Ripprich wrote the historical intimate play »Der Notenflüsterer«, where clever municipal archivist Strubbl, played by the audience’s favourite Hans-Peter Struppe, barges into a film recital with singer Anna Gössi and her pianist Francesco Fraboni. And there is a good reason for this rude interruption, since Strubbl has found notes in an old suitcase revealing the big, shared secret of all those film melodies to be played that very evening.
Soon afterwards, female city councillor Reich, who has learned about this sensational discovery, wants to confiscate the suitcase then and there to keep the secret of the film city Görlitz.
Dates and Information

Film Premieres at the Filmpalast Görlitz

The Filmpalast Görlitz regularly shows film previews of new releases. Many previews of films produced in Görlitz took place even in the presence of the film crews and actors. Within the framework programme, they gave an insight into the production and talked to their fans – always an exciting event for all participants.
Upcoming premieres will be announced in time.

Showcase Görliwood

In order to make the topic of Görliwood become more visible within the Inner City of Görlitz, it is planned to establish contact points for film fans and tourists in 2019. You can certainly look forward to it.  
The implementation of this plan is part of the project “REVIVAL! – Revitalising the Historical Cities in Lower Silesia and Saxony“ (Project Homepage).

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