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The Film Region

The Film Region

The beauty and versatility of the region around Görlitz, Saxony and the border triangle between Germany – Poland – Czech Republic offer lots of exciting motifs and backdrops for filmmakers, too: castles and manors, vast landscapes as well as the big cities of Wroclaw and Liberec. 

Upper Lusatia

Not only Görlitz, but the surrounding region as well serves as a backdrop for several film productions again and again. For example, various scenes for “Never Look Away“ directed by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck were shot in Zittau, some 30 km away to the south, and in the Zittau Mountains. The timber cottages in Obercunnersdorf formed the perfect backdrop for “Die Weihnachtsgans Auguste“, a German children’s film classic very popular at Christmas. Furthermore, scenes for the German TV fairy tale “Der Zauberlehrling“ were shot in the castle in Bad Muskau, located north of Görlitz, with the world-famous Fürst-Pückler-Park (a UNESCO World Heritage Site).

Liberec/Czech Republic

Numerous Czech TV and cinema productions have been made here at almost 200 locations. Thereby, especially the distinctive tower of Mount Jeschken with a height of 1012 metres has been an attractive motif. Many fairy tales were shot in the nature of the nearby Bohemian Paradise and the Sudeten Mountains, telling, for example, about Rübezahl, the mountain troll.
A well-known film made in Liberec is the first episode of the historical National Geographic TV series GENIUS. It is dedicated to Albert Einstein, and the unique wedding hall in the town hall of Liberec plays an important role representing Einstein’s university lecture hall. Also for the Amazon series "Carnival Row" with Orlando Bloom, many locations became the centre of interest, for example, Frydlant Castle or the Liberec railway station.
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The Polish city of Wroclaw, about 150 km away from Görlitz, is not an unknown place for film fans. Not only is it the biggest city in Western Poland, but THE film city in Poland par exellence. It is therefore not surprising that even Hollywood producers came here to implement their ideas. Similar to Görlitz, Wroclaw represents various metropolises like Berlin or Rotterdam due to its well-preserved cityscape. The latest production is Steven Spielberg’s thriller “Bridge of Spies“.
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Central Germany

It's a Movie Wonderland!
Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia offer an amazing variety of film locations which are perfectly suitable for cover motifs for cities, regions and landscapes all over the world. On an interactive map depicting film locations of current film productions, the MDM Film Commission shows a selection of locations which have represented famous and exotic places. Go on a trip around the world – here in this region.
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