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The Oder-Neisse-Cycle Path

The Oder-Neisse Cycle Path

The Oder-Neisse Cycle Path connects the Liberec region in Northern Bohemia with the Baltic Sea up in the North of Germany. Among tourists travelling by bike, the route along the German-Polish border belongs to the most popular ones all over Germany. In the surveys of the ADFC (the German Cycling Association) listing the most popular routes, the most eastern cycle track always ranks among the top 10. The path between the source of the Neisse River in Nova Ves (CZ) and the Island of Usedom, a nature resort at the Baltic Sea, covers a total length of some 630 kilometres. Out of these, some 170 kilometres lead you through Saxon and Czech territories.

Starting in the German-Czech-Polish border triangle, you travel downstream passing old towns with great history, dreamy villages, romantic parks and idyllic valleys, through woods, fields and meadows. It is worthwhile planning enough time for the tour along the Neisse River, for example, you can explore the nature reserve of the Zittau Mountains across the borders. The historic towns of Görlitz and Zittau with their impressive architecture are particularly attractive highlights along the route, as well as the Fürst-Pückler-Park in Bad Muskau, a World Heritage site. This world-famous example of garden architecture is located in the Geopark Muskau Coal Crescent, a region offering a unique landscape and culture.

Cyclists will mostly find separated cycling tracks with low gradients and ride close to the Neisse River.  

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