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Niederschlesische Wurstmanufaktur Hein

Niederschlesische Wurstmanufaktur Hein on Track for Modernization

From November 2017

The traditional family business run by the third generation, Claus and Georg Hein, is investing in the future and securing its location in Görlitz. The expansion of the operating facility, which should be completed by the first quarter of 2018, will cost around 2.5 million euros. Associated with this is the investment in new technology, such as ripening chambers and a conversion of the production processes towards more efficiency, capacity and quality. “The renovation is being carried out during ongoing operations and in the existing rooms. This places high demands on my team, which, however has been handling it very confidently,” says owner and managing director Claus Hein with satisfaction. After successful completion, the sausage factory will then produce according to the highest European guidelines and standards.


The goal is to expand the business into a pure raw sausage and raw ham operation, i.e. to focus on the refinement of raw materials such as ham and salami through natural ripening. Decisive for this are the good climate conditions at the location and the professional competence of the employees. The current renovation was preceded by a very intensive planning phase that began in January 2016. “The business development agency supervised the process from the beginning and advised on the subject of subsidy programs, for example, and guided the discussions with the Sächsische Aufbaubank and the approval processes. We are pleased that the implementation is now starting and Hein is primarily relying on regional service providers and partners,” says Andrea Behr, managing director of Europastadt GörlitzZgorzelec GmbH.

“This is how we secure the future of our family business, which was founded in Görlitz as early as 1932,” says Claus Hein. The company already supplies goods for national and international sales, e.g. for the delicatessen departments of Spanish department stores or the service counters of German supermarkets. Capacity should increase significantly after the renovation.

Mater butcher Georg Hein, grandfather of the current managing director, founded the company in 1932 in the former Prager Strasse 5 in Görlitz. Then he moved to Moltkestrasse at the corner of Blumenstrasse. In 1958 his son Dieter Hein emigrated to Osnabrück, where he set up his own butcher’s business in 1961 and expanded it into an internationally active meat and sausage manufacturer. On February 8th, 1996 the production company was reestablished in Görlitz, and since 2015 the brothers Claus and Georg Hein have been partners and managing directors.

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