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Foto: Skan Deutschland GmbH, Rene Gaens

Medical Technology

Görlitz Medical Technology for the World Market

Healthcare today cannot do without high-tech devices and state-of-the-art systems. Some of these international companies produce their innovations in Görlitz and are world leaders in their respective fields – from diagnostic equipment to clean room systems for the medical and pharmaceutical industries to dental implants. With the active support of the economic development team at Europastadt GörlitzZgorzelec GmbH, in the past few years a wide range of companies have settled in Görlitz or developed further.

The Japanese Sysmex Group proves just how important innovation is in this industry. The competence of the multi-award-winning biotechnology and diagnostics company Sysmex Partec GmbH lies in the production of devices that test blood and body fluids. The company has been operating successfully in Görlitz for over 20 years and has become the market leader in developing and emerging countries with the “CyFlow® Counter” HIV/AIDS diagnostic device. The company plans to expand its Görlitz location further.

SKAN Deutschland GmbH in Görlitz has been supplying large systems for the global pharmaceutical industry since 2014. The subsidiary of the Swiss SKAN AG found optimal conditions for their production of clean room equipment and isolators here. In a short time, the company increased to over 100 employees and is already building its third hall. Since the first inquiry, the business development agency has been helping to communicate with authorities and to attract skilled employees through events. With the global player Euroimmun AG, test and automation systems from the Görlitz region are also being sold worldwide.

 The plastic products from Yellow Tec Plastic GmbH are indispensable in medical laboratories. The company is building a location in the Görlitz industrial park in Hagenwerder in order to produce sterile plastic containers for the world market beginning in 2021.

Regionally operating medium-sized companies complete the range of the value chain locally. These include, for example, the medical supply stores Rosenkranz and Scheinpflug, which manufacture state-of-the-art prostheses and orthotics for patients in their master workshops. The Medizinisches Labor Ostsachsen has patients’ interests at heart: almost 200 employees at three locations offer services in the fields of laboratory medicine, microbiology, immunology and molecular diagnostics. Medical care is also of a very good standard with the Klinikum Görlitz and other facilities.



Selected enterprises in the region

Sysmex Partec GmbH: biotechnology company, development, production and sales of diagnostic solutions for developing countries website

SKAN: pioneering company in the specialist areas of clean room equipment and construction of isolators for the pharmaceutical industry website

Company Portrait

Yellow Tec Plastic GmbH: manufacturer of plastic products for the medical sector (planned for 2021) website

Euroimmun Medizinische Labordiagnostika AG: production of test and automation systems with worldwide distribution website

Indi Implant Systems GmbH: patent development of a unique, one-piece, patient-specific implant system website

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