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Machine and Plant Construction

Machine and Plant Construction

Heavy Metal - Machine and Plant Construction in Görlitz

Siemens in Görlitz

Almost a quarter of all employees in the city on the Neisse River work in industrial production. In addition to Siemens Energy, the global market leader in industrial steam turbine construction, many small and mid-sized enterprises are located here as well. The spectrum ranges from turbine construction to customised machine and plant construction all the way to metal and sheet metal forming and engineering. As suppliers, for example, to the motor vehicle industry, many of the local firms maintain both national and international sales and supply relationships.
With their educational programmes for engineers and skilled labourers, the city's educational institutions are attuned precisely to the specific needs and requirements of the branch, thus safeguarding the sustained availability of qualified professionals.

Selected enterprises in the region:

Siemens Energy, Industrial Applications, Steam Turbines: headquarters for all production sites of Siemens's worldwide industrial steam turbine network. Siemens designs and produces industrial steam turbines at seven sites worldwide. website

SKAN Deutschland GmbH: (since 2014) website

BMS GmbH Kema Görlitz, machine parts and special components for the ceramic industry website

KSC Anlagenbau GmbH, manufacture, supply, and assembly of steel construction elements website

Schöpstal Maschinenbau GmbH: Full-range supplier for machine and plant construction website

TKG Turbinen Komponenten Görlitz GmbH: production of turbine parts and components for steam and gas turbines website

MBN Maschinenbaubetriebe Neugersdorf GmbH, Special-purpose machine construction, custom-made engineering, and plant construction with branches around the globe website

Metallbau Schubert GmbH: website Technology GmbH: website

TP-elbud GmbH: website

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