Berzdorf Lake (Berzdorfer See)

Lake Experience

Pure Nature near the City with Outdoor Activities

Just a few minutes away from the city’s splendid old town, a nature paradise is waiting for you: 960 hectares of glittering water, sandy beaches and the deep green of the 420 m-high Landeskrone, the city’s local mountain. This is where tourists and locals can get away and relax.

A variety of sports can be tried out on and around the lake. For water sports enthusiasts, like surfers, sailors and stand-up paddlers, Berzdorf Lake is ideal to live their passion.

If you just want to go for a swim, several swimming sites invite you to get into the crystal-clear and refreshing water.


Swimming Season 2022

The swimming season at Berzdorf Lake is from May 7th to October 3rd, 2022. Swimming is permitted at the north and northeast beaches, at the peninsula, and at the Blaue Lagune. Don’t forget your swimwear, as nude bathing is not allowed. There’s a dog beach south of Deutsch Ossig. Snorkeling up to 3.5 metres deep is possible in the lake, however professional diving is not allowed.

The German Red Cross (DRK) is on duty during swimming season for protection in the rescue station on the north beach as well as in the rescue container at the northeast beach: weekends from approximately 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.; during summer vacations and also on weekdays. Swimming season lasts until October 3rd, 2022.

Current notice from 26.08.2022: Blue-green algae on the north-east beach.

The bathing spot has been closed as a result. The DRK lifeguards have hoisted red flags at the lifeguard station to indicate that bathing is prohibited.

Cycling, hiking & more at the lake

Here at the Germany-Poland-Czech Republic border triangle, families and people looking for various kinds of leisure activities will all find something according to their taste. At the banks and near the lake, cyclists, skaters and walkers can enjoy lovely nature and beautiful views during any season of the year.

E-Scooters can be rented for use from Strandbar Görlitz on the northeast beach.

Enjoy some beach volleyball at two courts north of the peninsula and at the Blaue Lagune. The playgrounds on the northeast beach and at the Blaue Lagune provide fun for young visitors to the lake. And for all pony fans, the Ranch am See is the place for you.

Tour suggestions

Sports Activities at the Lake

Overview of bike rentals in Görlitz

Overview of E-scooter rentals at the northeast beach

Pony farm "Ranch am See"

Adventure golf course with Görlitz sights and climbing tower: website

Opening at the Blaue Lagune was schedules for 2022.

Cast Off: Sailing Highlights and Sports Activities on the Lake

If you want to come into close contact with the clear water, you have the opportunity to rent stand-up paddling boards and inflatable boats during the season. Strandbar Görlitz also offers air mattresses for rent.

Visitors to the lake can also bring their own non-motorized water sports equipment and explore the lake individually. Rowing boats, paddle boats, rubber dinghies and canoes can set off or land directly at swimming locations. For windsurfing, access is at the southern end of the swimming area at the northeast beach. Kitesurfing is not permitted.

Sailors set sail at the harbor Görlitz Hafen or at the sailing base at Blaue Lagune. A number of events also take place organized by the SV Schönau-Berzdorf.


Sailing Season 2022

The sailing season is from Aprol 2nd, to October 31st, 2022. Sailboats may set sail or dock at the harbour Görlitz Hafen or from Blaue Lagune. Rowing, paddle and canoe boats may also be used or landed via the entrances of the swimming sites. Access for windsurfers is located at the southern end of the northeast beach. Landing and mooring of boats at the boat berths "Neundorfer Weingarten" and "Fernblick" is not permitted, with the exception of dangerous situations. All other uses require a separate application. Passenger cruise ships are planned in the next few years.

Sporting Activities on the Lake

NEW: Sailing School Dreiländereck
Trial sailing, basic sailing licence, sports boat licences, SUP yoga & SUP basic courses as of April 2023

Rent stand-up paddle boats, inflatable boats, air mattreses at the northeast beach

Hafen Görlitz: opening hours, contact, berths

Sailing at Blaue Lagune

Sailing and sporting events on the lake

Ready for a special sporting challenge?

At the "KommWohnen Triathlon Festival" competition, action is guaranteed for all participants. At Tauchritzer Hafen, south of Görlitz, it's all about athletic performance and the joy of combining swimming, cycling and running - the three basic types of endurance.

The swim course leads through the harbour basin of Lake Berzdorf. In the sprint triathlon, after a 750-metre swim and a 5-kilometre run through the varied landscape of the former mining site, it's down to business. Either in the elite race together with the athletes of the national league Sachen and in the classification of the national championship, or in the race for the "golden pineapple" for everyone.

Depending on the age group, the youngsters will compete in various shorter distances - this year also in the form of a triathlon. Here, too, it's all about the national championship title! Team players compete against other teams with colleagues and friends in the team relay. Those who don't have the confidence to run the course alone can split up into twos or threes to cover the distance. The TRIATHLON REGIONALLIGA OST will also be exciting. Teams from Berlin, Brandenburg, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia will be competing against each other.

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KommWohnen - Triathlon Festival Görlitz

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