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Would like to know more about Görlitz? Would you like to prepare for your trip and tell others about it?

We will be happy to receive your orders for brochures. Some of the brochures are also available as PDF download, or you can just browse online. For the best presentation of our digital brochures, please use the Windows Internet Explorer.

 There is a selection of brochures translated into foreign languages (English, Polish, Czech, Dutch). Information material in English and Polish can be downloaded at and

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Görlitz information material


Brochure Görlitz

"Görlitz - At a Glance"

watch online                                    Download [A5; 2,5 MB; English]


Photo brochure Görlitz

"Enchanting horizons"

watch online                                    Download [A4; 3,1 MB; English, French, Dutch]


20 Reasons To Visit Görlitz

"Did you know that..."

watch online                                    Download [A4; 0,6 MB; English]

List of Accommodations in Görlitz 2019

A brochure about guest rooms in Görlitz and the surroundings.

watch online                                    Download [A5 quer; 4,2 MB; German and English]

City map Görlitz

watch online                                     Download [A4; 1,4 MB; German]

Welcome to Görliwood

watch online                                    Download [Din long; 4 MB; English]


Brochure Jacob Böhme

"Walking in the tracks of Jacob Böhme in Görlitz"

watch online                                    Download [A5; 1,1 MB; English]

The Upper Lusatian Six Town League

Bautzen, Görlitz, Kamenz, Lauban, Löbau, Zittau
Information about the six cities and offers

watch online                                  Download [A4; 3,8 KB; English]



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