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Looking at Görlitz from a different Angle

Spending a day in Görlitz can be eventful, surprising, inspiring. This video clip presents new and refreshing recordings from the European City. It features not only the well-known highlights, such as the impressive Church of St. Peter and Paul and the splendid Dom Kultury, but draws your attention to the details as well. Enjoy watching!


Photo: Sabine Wenzel
Photo: Alexander Roemisch
Photo: Rainer Weisflog
Photo: Sabine Wenzel
Photo: Rainer Weisflog

Discover the Towns of Upper Lusatia

In 1346, the towns of Görlitz, Bautzen, Kamenz, Luban, Löbau and Zittau founded the so-called „Six Towns League“, an alliance to protect their common trade routes, and thus, experienced economic and cultural prosperity. Splendid town halls and residential houses, impressive churches and mighty fortifications are evidence of that time and create a unique atmosphere, where today’s vibrant life goes together with the breath of great history


Photos: Peterskirche: Sabine Wenzel, Altstadtfest2014: Nikolai Schmidt, Berliner Straße: Rainer Weisflog, Marienplatz: Sabine Wenzel, Neißstraße: Alexander Roemisch, Untermarkt2: Rainer Weisflog

Welcome to a town many people call the most beautiful one in Germany

Come and experience eventful days in one of Germany’s most beautiful town. Presenting nearly 4.000 carefully restored monuments, the city on the Neisse River is one big architectural work of art with a European format. Experience European spirit and discover cultural life under Gothic arcades, in Renaissance hall houses, in Baroque palaces and Art Nouveau villas. Even film makers are regularly enchanted by the dreamlike setting of Görliwood. Görlitz is looking forward to welcoming you.

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