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NEW!!! With Builder Roßkopf Through Görlitz

NEW!!! With Builder Roßkopf Through Görlitz

From 1518 till 1549 Wendel Roßkopf was the master builder of the town of Görlitz. After the disastrous great fire in 1525 he led the rebuilding of the town. In this time Roßkopf used for the first time the new Renaissance forms whereby the “Schönhof” was a kind of pilot project.
In this tour Roßkopf tells you about his life in town and shows you the houses he has built. You will hear many interesting facts about the Renaissance and how it came here so that there could develop an own Görlitz Renaissance style. Furthermore, he will tell you many stories and anecdotes from his life and life in town. After this tour you will see Görlitz in a new light.

The tour can also be booked in Dutch.

Bookable from May 2021

about 75 minutes

from 100.00 euros up to 15 people
every additional person 6.50 euros

Please note
The tour will not be held on Sundays.
The guided tour are provided in English.
Maximum group size: 30 people

Petrus Snoeijer, Görlitz

Telefon +49 (0) 3581 - 4757 0

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