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On the tracks of the Görlitz cloth makers

On the tracks of the Görlitz cloth makers

Görlitz became rich through the woad and cloth trade. Görlitz cloth was known throughout Europe for its high quality. In the 19th century the tradition of cloth production continued and developed. We invite you to go on this tour and learn fascinating stories from the world of cloth makers, weavers and dyers from the Middle Ages to the 20th century.

The tour can also be booked in Dutch.

about 120 minutes

145.00 euros up to 10 people
each additional person 9.50 euros

Please note
The tour will not be held on Sundays.
The guided tour are provided in English.
Maximum group size: 30 people

Petrus Snoeijer, Görlitz

Phone +49 (0)3581 47570

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