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Sacred Görlitz

The Holy Sepulchre

The Holy Sepulchre is part of a medieval ensemble including the Church of St. Peter and Paul as well as the Way of the Cross. The complex is a copy of the most important parts of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. Georg Emmerich, son of a Görlitz merchant, donated this copy after he had been on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem. It was consecrated in 1504 and neither destroyed nor modified in the course of the centuries.

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Jewish Traces in Görlitz

Numerous prominent buildings and sights remind us of the Jewish residents of Görlitz. This includes, of course, the newly renovated synagogue, but also the Jewish Cemetery and the striking residential buildings, such as the Villa Ephraim or commercial buildings such as the former Totschek department store on Steinstraße.

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Places of Worship: Churches & Synagogue

Görlitz welcomes its guests with an impressive cityscape presenting an architectural ensemble, which has historically grown to form a harmonious unity. Apart from the mighty towers and splendid town houses, churches, too, are of special significance. On the one hand, because of their dominating appearance within the cityscape, on the other hand, because of their role being the spiritual home to their congregations. It is therefore not surprising, if sometimes, a tour of the city turns out to become a tour of the churches.

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St. Nicholas‘ Cemetery is the oldest cemetery in town. It was in use until the middle of the 19th century and features more than 600 mainly baroque tombs as well as 16 crypts, some of them still boasting a remarkable quality. Under the old trees, you may find graves of well-known characters, such as the tomb of the theosophist Jakob Böhme.

Open daily from 6.30 am to 6.00 pm (extended opening hours during the season)


The Jewish Cemetery

The Jewish community had purchased the place in 1849. The first funeral took place in 1852, and the cemetery is in use until today.


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Photo: EGZ

Walking around through the Graveyards

The blogger Tessa loves wandering around old graveyards at the St. Nicholas Cemetery.

If you want to read more about the stunnig gravestones you can visit her blog:

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