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Enjoying Urban Life and Nature

After Work: Enjoying Urban Life and Nature

Görlitz is a special place to work and live.

It is not just its architectural variety that makes Görlitz such a very special place to live and work: when it comes to recreational value, the city on the Neisse River has no need to fear any competition. A superbly developed service industry as well as ultramodern health-care facilities are all designed to make daily life as comfortable and relaxing as possible. With its various child-care centres and schools, the city also provides a fine example of an alternative educational programme and thus assists young, working parents.

Görlitz provides an enormous cultural programme throughout the year with its many theatres, museums, concerts, festivals, and events. Numerous open air events take place every summer. Among the most popular are the Summer Theatre, ViaThea (the International Festival of Street Theatre), and the Old Town Festival, which is celebrated together in Görlitz and Zgorzelec.
Culinary discoveries are often associated with a journey into the architectural past. All around the Untermarkt square in Görlitz's historic Old Town, a large selection of exceptionally fine restaurants and bars have opened up in centuries-old edifices.

For nature lovers, the surrounding countryside offers a number of special delights. To the south, around Lake Berzdorf, a large-scale resort is currently being built. New hotels, a marina, and a golf course will soon be appearing along the shoreline of one of Saxony's largest lakes. Moreover, the picturesque landscape of the Zittau Mountains and the Bad Muskau World Heritage Site are only a few minutes away by car. And due to its location at the spot where the German, Czech and Polish borders meet, Görlitz is also an excellent starting point for tours through the Giant Mountains with their many opportunities for winter sports and for trips to Wrocław or Prague.


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Görlitz-Zgorzelec – this is a project for today and tomorrow alike.

In 1998, the two cities proclaimed themselves a joint Euro city. This decision was closely linked to the objective of seizing the opportunities which became available at the end of European separation and became possible due to the harmonization of markets and economic regions. For investment, work, culture, and shopping, national borders hardly play a role any more today. In fact, this is a place where the new Europe is already part and parcel of everyday life.


City of Zgorzelec (Urząd Miasta Zgorzelec)
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