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Events in Görlitz

Events in Görlitz

Our events provides you with local tradition, European charm and professional performances. Popular events attract both inhabitants of Görlitz and tourists.

Silesian Christmas Market Görlitz

6 December - 22. December 2019

Craftspeople and traders present commodities and delicacies from Silesia, Saxony, Poland and Bohemia.

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EVENTS in Görlitz 2020

Organ Night

31 May 2020

The various churches of Görlitz present a musical festival of a special kind.

Görlitz Jazz Festival

3 June - 14 June 2020

The Görlitz Jazz Festival blends concerts of different jazz styles with an experience of the exceptional architecture of our almost thousand-year-old city.

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European-Marathon in Görlitz

7 June 2020

Year after year, this marathon attracts larger numbers of participants, for the journey through two neighbouring European countries with their distinct atmospheres.

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Restoration Day

21 June 2020

Visitors have the exclusive chance to look at more than twenty restored, non restored, well-known and unknown houses of all architectural styles which are usually not open to the public.

International Street Theatre Festival

2 July - 4 July 2020

Streets, squares and parks are turned into one big open-air stage for great international theatre companies.

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Silesian Peddlers' Market

18 July - 19 July 2020

Potters from all over Germany come to Görlitz for this special market. A great variety of supporting events serve to revive Silesian traditions.

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Historic City Festival

28 August - 30 August 2020

For three days, the historic city centre of Görlitz and one of the districts of Zgorzelec are turned into a stage for a historic spectacle where both locals and visitors enjoy the biggest festival in the region.

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European Heritage Day

13 September 2020

This is a great day for getting to know those monuments and heritage sites in Görlitz which are usually inaccessible.

EVENTS in Görlitz 2021

Organ Night: Evangelische Innenstadtgemeinde, Jazzfestival: Reinhard Schubert, Street Theater VIATHEA: Rainer Weisflog, Peddlers´Market: Roswitha Wintermann, Historic City Festival: Sächsische Zeitung, Heritage Day: Rainer Michel Klein, Christmas Market: Nikolai Schmidt

Photo: Nikolai Schmidt
Photo: Nikolai Schmidt
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