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Events in Görlitz

Events in Görlitz

Our events provides you with local tradition, European charm and professional performances. Popular events attract both inhabitants of Görlitz and tourists.

Ice skating in Görlitz

25 November 2022 - 1 January 2023

In the romantic scenery of the Obermarkt in front of the trinity church, both small and large skaters can skate.

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Silesian Christmas Market Görlitz

2 December - 18 December 2022

Craftspeople and traders present commodities and delicacies from Silesia, Saxony, Poland and Bohemia. Christmas crib, animal enclosures or reading tent are popular attractions for all visitors. Moreover, you can look forward to high-quality merchandise from the border triangle and tasty culinary delights from our region. A lot of music is played on the historical stage every day. From classical trombone sounds to Christmas jazz to the Great Christmas Singing. A special attraction will enrich the market time: Romantic ice skating on the Obermarkt.

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EVENTS in Görlitz 2023

Exhibition - The Görlitzer Hall Houses

expected April until end of October 2023

The exhibition can be seen in "Brüderstraße 9", one of the Görlitz Hall Houses. In addition to the main exhibit, the unrenovated Hall House itself, there are large-format photos of other Hall Houses along the Via Regia, a high-precision 3D print of the building at "Brüderstraße 9", and an animated film about the Hall Houses in Görlitz.

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International MESSIAEN-Days Görlitz-Zgorzelec

January 2023

The French composer Olivier Messiaen proved that music does not separate, but connects, when he composed his masterpiece "Quartett auf das Ende der Zeit" during his imprisonment in the prisoner of war camp Stalag VIII A in Görlitz (today Zgorzelec) and performed it for the first time in the camp on 15 January 1941. Around the 15th of January, in memory of all those who suffered and hoped in this camp, the International Messiaen Days will take place - a festival with high-calibre artists that makes it possible to experience the existential power of music in a variety of ways.

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Stations of the Cross procession

Good Friday, 8 April 2023

On Good Friday, the traditional Way of the Cross takes place in Görlitz. The Way of the Cross begins at 1.30 p.m. in the crypt of St. Peter's Church and leads along the Görlitz Via Dolorosa with its seven stations to the Holy Sepulchre, the best-preserved original replica of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. Here, following the Stations of the Cross, there is a prayer service at 3 p.m. on the hour of Jesus' death.

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Neiße Filmfestival

May 2023

Since 2004, the trinational festival has offered young and established filmmakers from Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic a forum and the public a cross-border programme with around 100 films, concerts, exhibitions, readings and parties in the border triangle on the River Neisse. 

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Organ Night

Whitsunday, 28 May 2023

The various churches of Görlitz present a musical festival of a special kind. Every year the annual Görlitzer Organ Night takes place on Whitsunday. You can experience the organs in the churches of the "Evangelische Innenstadtgemeinde" and the organ in the cathedral St. Jakobus. The Sun Organ in St. Peter's Church will open the Night of the Organ with a concert and end it in the evening.

Görlitz Jazz Festival

June 2023

A quarter of a century of rousing jazz in Görlitz: The festival offers concerts at four "lost places" and other venues in Görlitz, Berthelsdorf, Löbau, Bad Muskau and Horka. An atrium, old factory buildings, castle courtyards and a historic stable become sound spaces for great music and meeting places for a surprising audience.

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Landskron Brewery Festival

June 2023

Traditionally in June each year, the Landskron BRAU manufactory is a hot spot. At the "BRAUfest der Sinne" a world of pleasure opens up for the visitor. In a beautiful listed Wilhelminian style area on about four hectares there are attractions for the whole family. The highlight is the spectacular fireworks display on Saturday evening.

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Restoration Day

June 2023

Visitors have the exclusive chance to look at more than twenty restored, non restored, well-known and unknown houses of all architectural styles which are usually not open to the public.

European-Marathon in Görlitz

June 2023

In June many running professionals, recreational athletes, families, training communities from Germany, Europe and other parts of the world are expected again. In addition to the well-known running tracks such as the marathon, the half marathon and the 10 km track, the Europamarathon Görlitz- Zgorzelec also offers recreational runners a 5 km track.

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ViaThea - International Street Theatre Festival

6 July - 8 July 2023

For three days, the streets and squares of the European city of Görlitz/ Zgorzelec are transformed into a large open-air theatre stage and become a meeting place for cultures. The ViaThea is a meeting place for artists and spectators of different nationalities.

Enjoy theatre in a wonderful atmosphere and become part of a variety of productions. Experience a new city on these days. Be curious and look forward with us to the international street theatre festival ViaThea in Görlitz/ Zgorzelec.

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Silesian Pottery Market

15 July - 16 July 2023

The Silesian pottery market is a craft market. The potters stand with their name for the quality and uniqueness of their products. Each piece is the result of loving craftsmanship.  The Silesian pottery market surprises with an impressive variety. No matter if decoration articles or utensils, all goods can be found in different styles. 

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O-SEE Challenge - International Cross Triathlon

August 2023

23 years of ultimate challenge at Lake Olbersdorf in front of the scenery of the Zittau Mountains Nature Park. Experience with us the fascinating history of our O-SEE Challenge from a 5-man run to an internationally highly regarded highlight in the cross-triathlon scene.

Cross-Triathlon-Sport at the highest level accompanied by an exciting supporting program - it´s a MUST! It offers fun and experience with international flair for all athletes, spectators and guests.

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Historic City Festival and Jakuby Festival Zgorzelec

25 August - 27 August 2023

For three days, the historic city centre of Görlitz and one of the districts of Zgorzelec are turned into a stage for a historic spectacle where both locals and visitors enjoy the biggest festival in the region. People laugh, dance, sing, meet, talk, feast, buy, paddle and celebrate. Several stages in the city centre offer a varied programme which attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.

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Lusatia Festival

August/September 2023

Every year in late summer, the multi-genre cultural festival reflects the transformation of Lusatia as a cultural theme of European format and global significance. More than 80 events take place in the region from Lübben to Zittau and thus across Saxony and Brandenburg: Concerts, theatre, jazz, song recitals, exhibitions, installations and talks.

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European Heritage Day

10 September 2023

On this day, you go on a discovery tour in Görlitz to some of the almost 4,000 monuments, which otherwise remain rather hidden. In the surroundings of the monument day, the special heritage of the town can be experienced through concerts, guided tours and many other activities with the craftsmen's market and a supporting programme.

EVENTS in Görlitz 2024

Bach Week

September/October 2024

This festival week is dedicated to the musical work of Johann-Sebastian-Bach and is performed in the Görlitz churches of the Protestant "Innenstadtgemeinde". In addition to the opening concert you will experience cantata devotions and a radio service for the harvest festival and the performance of a cantata in St. Peter's Church.

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