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Communication Services

CRM companies and contact centres with a wide variety of services will find superb conditions in Görlitz. In addition to the inexpensive and elegant properties available in the city centre and the ultramodern telecommunication network, the high qualifications of the employees and their intercultural competence are particularly attractive as well. Görlitz is one of East Germany's prime locations for call centres.

Since people in the region speak with a very neutral accent and the area provides sufficient human resources, the city is ideally suited for contact centres.

Selected companies

Teleperformance Deutschland: world market leader for outsourced CRM and contact centre services, customer care, technical support and department management website

TELforYOU GmbH und Co KG: mail-order company customer management website

TAS Gruppe: market- and customer-based communications services website

Teleservice Marketing: projects, telephone marketing and planning in the field of B2B website

Fonetix UG + Co. KG: mail-order company customer management and market research website

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