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Surrounded by almost 1,000 years of history, the wide range of accommodation along the Neisse river provides a wonderful place to dream. In the heart of the historic old town with its mixture of gothic, renaissance and baroque architecture, every house has a tale to tell of its own fascinating past. These are tales of illustrious guests and sometimes infamous deeds going back through many centuries of life in Görlitz. In the stylish Wilhelminian quarter of the city and along its green perimeter you can enjoy the charm of art nouveau, combined with the highest standards of comfort. From luxurious 4-star hotels to the elegant guest house in a former industrialist's villa you are sure to find the right starting point to suit every taste and budget for the discovery of the city of Görlitz, together with the surrounding regions of Upper Lusatia and Lower Silesia, as well as Poland and the Czech Republic. However, it's not just within its time-honoured walls that the city has a great deal to offer its guests. In the spreading landscape of undulating hills around Görlitz you will find lots of attractive places to stay, suiting every requirement. Wherever you choose to make your base, we're sure you'll be entranced by this unique city on the 'Via Regia' and will enjoy discovering all of its charms!



Accommodation list

Accommodation list

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Photo "Booking": Romantik Hotel Tuchmacher, Photo "Camping & Caravan": Europastadt GmbH

Photo: John Tomaselli
Photo: John Tomaselli

Accommodations capacity

14 hotels
with 861 beds

7 hotels garnis
with 268 beds

18 B & B's
with 642 beds

1 youth hostel

Accommodation capacity (without vacation apartments): 2.095

Source: State Statistical Office of the Free State of Saxony, updated to Feb 2018

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