Arrival by train

  • from Dresden Central Station to Görlitz Central Station
  • from Berlin Central Station to Görlitz Central Station
  • from Zielona Góra via Zgorzelec to Görlitz Central Station
  • from Wrocław by Trilex-Express of the polish railways KD (Koleje Dolnośląskie) to Görlitz Central Station
  • from Warsaw via Wrocław by train of the polish railways PKP (Przewozy Regionalne) and KD (Koleje Dolnośląskie) to Görlitz

Please note:There are two elevators with which person with reduced  with which mobility-impaired persons  can easily get from the platforms to the station concourse.

Time table enquiries:

Deutsche Bahn AG:

PKP (Przewozy Regionalne):

Regionaler Zweckverband Verkehrsverbund Oberlausitz-Niederschlesien (ZVON):

Customer Service  
Tel. +49 800/9866-4636
Mon – Fri   7.00 am -  06.00 pm

Arrival by Bus

  • from Wrocław to Görlitz
  • from Warschau n to Görlitz
  • from Dresden via Bautzen via Görlitz
  • from Berlin to Görlitz
  • from Prag via Dresden (switchover) to Görlitz

 Time table enquiries:


Arrival by car

  • from Wrocław via motorway E40 and motorway A4 taking the gateway 94 to Görlitz and following the B6 and B99
  • from Dresden via Bautzen via motorway A4 taking the gateway 94 following B6 and B99
  • from Berlin via Cottbus via B115, then B6 and B99 to Görlitz
  • from Zittau via B99 to Görlitz

Where to park?

There is the possibility to buy a 24 h – parking ticket for 10 Euro. It can be obtained at the parking machines. These can only be paid by coins.

You can find a parking lot by following the parking guidance system.

More information

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Arrival by plane

The nearest airport is the airport Dresden (DRS) in approx. 90 km from Görlitz. 

Further airports nearby are:



Airfield Görlitz

Only for business, sport or private touristic traffic

Opening hours
Summer: 10.00 am -  06.00 pm
Winter: 24h PPR

Arrival by Remote Bus - Parking

There is a central parking space in the city centre at the Christoph-Lüders-Straße (18 parking lot).

Further parking spaces are at the Friedhofstraße (next to Heiliges Grab). 

The bus stop at  Demianiplatz can be used for getting on and off the bus.

Arrival by caravan - Parking

Rosenhof -  district Biesnitz, Tel.: +49 3581 - 74820, Email:
Parking spcae at Christoph-Lüders-Straße

Arrival by bike

Arrival via Anreise auf dem Oder-Neisse-bike path or the Saxonian city path to Görlitz

Limited amount of bicycle stands at some places

Bike rental  in Görlitz i.a.

Little John Bikes
Heilige-Grab-Straße 26
02826 Görlitz

Mobility in the city

Public transportation into the Görlitz old town

From Görlitz Central Station  by tram 1 or 2 to Vom Bahnhof Görlitz mit den Straßenbahnlinien 1 und 2 in direction Königshufen until stop "Demianiplatz". You can reach the old town by foot in unter five minutes.

You can also reach the old town from Görlitz Central Station in 15 minutes by foot.

Time table enquiries:

Verkehrsgesellschaft Görlitz GmbH (VGG)

VGG-Customer Service:
Telefon: +49 (0)3581 339595
Mon - Fri 08.00 am - 06.00 pm

Car rental  in Görlitz

Bahnhofstraße 74,02826 Görlitz
Tel: +49 3581 421671
more information

Bahnhofstraße 76, 02826 Görlitz
Tel: +49 3581 405201
more information

Reichenbacher Str. 3, 02827 Görlitz
Tel: +49 3581 412266
more information


Taxi in Görlitz

Taxi-Innung Görlitz e.V.
Tel.: + 49 3581 400800
more information

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